Going GREEN! Solar-Powered Beer Garden & MORE!
Solar-Powered Beer Garden - 2014 GSMFest

From the very beginning of Granite State Music Festival, finding ways to go green has been at the front of our minds. This year is no different, and we’re expanding our green initiatives from the roots up in 2014, with the help of some eager, and like-minded community partners.


Our most basic green initiative, every year, involves one of the most basic compounds that fosters life on Earth: H2O. We provide water stations at the festival, where everyone can refill their reusable water bottles or cups, for free.


Green Concord, an alliance of green businesses in the capital region, has also been with us from the beginning, lending us their sponsorship as well as lending us their fantastic recycling bins. Their volunteers to help spread the green word at the festival, and make sure the garbage and recycling get to the right destination. Their member businesses are focused on offering environmentally-friendly products and services, and we’re happy to have their expertise on-board as we strive for the same.


This year Capital Composting will be harvesting and composting our food scraps and other compostables. We are delighted to add them as a new partner to the festival. Capital Composting are specialists in Organic Waste Recycling and High Quality Compost. They normally offer services for both residential and commercial clients interested in reducing their waste and helping the environment at the same time – and we’re delighted to have them on board for the festival.


And lastly how do you make ice cold beer on a summer day even better than it already is? With SOLAR POWER! Powered by ReVision Energy of Brentwood, NH. It takes a big ol’ chunk of power to keep that beer truck running and the kegs cold. The significant energy load of this year’s beer garden will be offset with the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The friendly folks at the ReVision Energy booth can explain the ins and outs of RECs, but what this means in the simplest of terms is that this beer truck will be solar-powered.


ReVision Energy  is a local industry leader in solar electric and solar hot water systems in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. “We are really excited to be a part of this years Granite State Music Fest. What draws us here are the local artists and businesses and the overall emphasis on sustainable practices. It can be a difficult feat to organize an event as big as this, and still support and maintain sustainable integrity. We also love the downtown, green space along the Kiwanis River front. This is a great opportunity for a like minded people within this community to get together and enjoy what they’ve worked so hard to build!”


Remember to bring your own refillable water vessel to the festival, to stay hydrated – and make sure to read the labels on the handy recycling bins, so everything ends up in the right place! Thanks for going GREEN with us!

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