Dos & Don’ts of Festival Going

So we’re all tired of this dismal winter.  Let’s stop thinking about today’s weather for a moment and remind ourselves that festival season isn’t so far away. Start planning your summer now with our guide to the Granite State Music Festival!


Start Your Day Right

All-day festivals can be physically exhausting if you don’t take care of your body. Don’t party the night prior; A hangover will completely ruin your festival experience. Instead, get a proper night’s sleep. Eat a wholesome breakfast or lunch before arrival. Yes, we will have delicious food, but we recommend buying a good burger for dinner rather than for a late breakfast.


Bring What You Need 

When determining what you need for a festival, channel your inner boy scout. Everything you need should fit in one bag (note: this does not apply to baby-toting). Make sure you’re comfortable and well-equipped for nature’s unpredictability. Bring your sunscreen and bug spray. Sometimes it rains; You’ll never regret bringing appropriate clothing, i.e.: rain gear, extra layers. Unless you want to stand or dance all day, you’ll need a blanket or a small lawn chair (grass can be itchy and bug-infested). Also, bring a plastic water bottle. Hydration is essential, and refills are free!


Leave the Non-Essentials at Home

Contrary to popular belief, recreational drugs aren’t a festival requisite. They are contraband, and they will be tossed at the gate. Leave it at home, kids. Other prohibited items include grills, weapons, pets (service animals are exempt), glass containers, and incendiary devices.


Make it Fun – for Everyone

Your fellow music fans and artists are at this festival for the same reason that you are: they want to have fun. Even if you don’t make friends with your neighbors, at least respect them. Don’t smoke next to the emphysemic old lady. And yes, please take advantage of our beer garden, but understand your limit. People want to hear music, not your drunk bantering. You may not like every artist on the bill, but appreciate their willingness to come and make this festival possible. Keep your negativity to yourself. Or better yet, don’t lose your positive vibes. Have a blast!

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