The Mallett Brothers Band

The Mallett Brothers Band is a band from Maine that plays original music. With a unique style that spans across country, rock and roll, Americana and “alt-country” genres, the band has grown a dedicated fan base across the country since releasing their debut record in 2009.

“The Mallett Brothers Band’s latest CD Lights Along The River is loaded with the kind of gritty Americana roots rock that these boys from Maine have become so well respected for. They rock and roll with the best kind of organic, earthy substance and fiery passion. Even though the band hails from Maine, they make you feel the south will rise again when they treat you to something that feels very real and powerful on each track. Combining their authentic roots rock sound with a reflective lyrical style that perceives stories on the level of epic myth, it’s like William Faulkner has been resurrected with an electric guitar in hand.” – Bill Copeland Music News