Mark Shilansky & Fugue Mill

“Even if pianist and composer Mark Shilansky’s press notes hadn’t mentioned the influence of Celtic music and bluegrass bands like the Punch Brothers, I‘d have thought “Fugue Mill” was an especially fresh and inventive jazz album, albeit with mandolin and fiddle.” – John Garelick, The Boston Globe

Growing up in a suburb of Concord, NH, Mark Shilansky wrote songs as early as elementary school, followed by performances in original rock bands and jazz study at the Concord Community Music School.  He received a BA in Music Performance in 1992 from the University of New Hampshire, where he played classical and jazz piano and apprenticed with such adjunct professors and visiting artists as Clark Terry, Phil Woods, and Jimmy Heath.  He moved to Boston, continuing his studies at New England Conservatory, receiving a Masters of Music in Jazz Studies in 1994, working with such teachers as Bevan Manson, Paul Bley, and John McNeil, supplementing his education since then by studying with jazz gurus Kenny Werner, Hal Crook, and Charlie Banacos.

Shilansky serves as an Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music, where he has taught since 1997, teaching Ear Training, Arranging, Harmony, and Ensembles.  He also has taught Jazz Piano and Ensembles at the University of New Hampshire, since 2002.