amy and the engine
Amy & The Engine

Fronted by a modern day Twiggy-meets-Stevie-Nicks and backed by musicians who hail from across the globe, Boston-based Amy & The Engine brings singer/songwriter depth to upbeat synth-pop with a folk-rock sensibility. Coy vocals compound with lyrical smarts and infectious melodies of “quirky pop,” creating a signature “catchy, earworm style” (Vanyaland).  

Hailing from South Portland, Maine, frontwoman Amy Allen began her love affair with music when she picked up a polkadot electric guitar at the ripe old age of nine. Fast-forward more than 10 years, and Allen’s passion for music has evolved into a fully fledged career. Turning to acoustic guitar, Allen released three solo EPs, made an appearance on The Voice and garnered over 50,000 views on her YouTube Channel. She enrolled in the esteemed Berklee College of Music to study songwriting and met her “engine” – an eclectic group of guys who would become her supporting outfit – and Amy & The Engine was born.